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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 23-February-10


  • Brad
  • Josh
  • Jeff
  • Jason


The major topic for this meeting was P2. The team continued digging through P2 documentation and code to reach conclusions for how best to use or extend the P2 framework. Jeff indicated that he has made progress getting an exemplary SAS product installed via P2 in the "blackbox" scenario of storing artifacts and metadata in P2 artifact and metadata repositories. Jason took the action to share a scrubbed exemplary package for this as well as some of the CL2 examples that SAS put together as feedback for the OASIS SDD TC. Brad has also begun working with the P2 code and will continue to do research on his end prior to next week's follow-up call with the P2 team.

The team then turned to follow-up on action items from last week. Brad has picked Hudson back up and will work with it some this week. No news to share on the UI work although as of this writing (I'm behind on the notes) Josh has been able to look at RAP a bit to determine how we might get UI prompts from our current CLI implementation into a RAP based UI.

Brad has sent information regarding CL2 to the dev list. As expected most of these are around Composite Installable entities. SAS has the same set of use cases.

No other items for today. Adjourn.

Action items

  • Brad to work on using Hudson for COSMOS builds
  • Brad and Mark to continue UI research on Swing and RAP respectively
  • Brad and Jason to itemize CL2 features

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