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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 22-May-08

These are the minutes for the Architecture Meeting for 5/22/08.



  • 20 min: Followup on COSMOS Architectural discussions from May 1 (Jimmy Mohsin et al)
    • Jimmy to send out updated slides (please link here, Jimmy, as part of the email reduction act of 2008 ;-)
    • Discuss updates to the two current state slides
    • Discuss the future state slide:
      • We need to decide when / if the Domain will return.
      • We need to determine a realistic timeframe for supporting multiple Brokers for scalability / performance considerations. I get asked this question a lot from the transactionally-intensive products...
      • What is our position vis-a-vis WSDM / WEF for future releases?
  • 15 min: 231343 Need getQueryServiceMetadataFromAllMDRs method on the COSMOS Broker
    • Can this be done in i12?
    • Does this impose any requirements at the individual MDR level to ensure that the metadata in consistent?
  • 15 min: 231400 MDR requiring authentication (login-id and password) COSMOS_Design_231400 -- Bill


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