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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 21-August-08

These are the minutes for the Architecture Meeting for 21 August 2008.


  • David
  • Paul
  • Ray
  • Ali
  • Leonard
  • Sheldon
  • Jason
  • Jimmy


  • Around the room


  • Jimmy asked for high level description of recent SML work. David spent time talking about the SML 1.1 efforts in preparing for an interop to implement all recent spec changes, and all required and optional features.
  • Paul would like a good source of documentation on SML architecture. David pointed him to user guide and the SML spec. Ali suggested that those interested in more information should attend the Resource Modeling meeting next Tuesday.
  • Jason talked about 2 potential additional companies to the COSMOS family, but could not give their names. They have SDD and CMDBf interest and could start attending meetings within the next few weeks. They will need to better understand COSMOS and determine how much of a resource investment they can make.

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