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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 19-May-09


  • Jason (SAS)
  • Josh (SAS)
  • Mark (SAS)
  • Brad (CA)
  • Ed (SAS)
  • David (IBM)


Primary discussion in today's call was a review of the i5 feature page. Jason provided a brief update on the schedule change and then commenced with i5 feature reviews and design reviews. For the refactor of the installer bundle Ed indicated that he has been discussing further decomposition of that bundle into discreet install, uninstall, update bundles. Jeff and Mark M. have been involved in those discussions. Installer work is done, decomposition is not. Jeff has completed the CLI adaptor, but not the event bus. Jason mentioned to David that he had started digging into the RM project. There is a build dependency on DC that Jason is to send to David. David indicated that for RM the primary updates for i5 and i6 are SML related to conform with the latest spec as well as CMDBf updates. The CMDBf updates are larger and David has reached out to others that were initially involved in the CMDBf implementation in COSMOS to determine if they are available to help in this effort. Rtx updates are ongoing and feedback from HP is being taken into account. They entered a bugzilla with questions, comments and suggestions. David to add that bugzilla to the i5 feature page. Design reviews for the database handler and installed product handler commenced. Some minor feedback was provided such as use of constant as opposed to static final in Qname declarations. No other substantive feedback.

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