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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 17-Jan-07


Mark Weitzel, Joel Hawkins, Craig Thomas, Don Ebright, Ali Mehregani, Marius Slavescu, Oliver Cole, Seva.


We established the goal and purpose of the architecture meetings

  • To surface and resolve the technical issues of the COSMOS project

Went step by step through the initial part of the Eclipse Con Demo.

Action Items

  • Everyone will walk through the scenario and update it with their comments and questions

  • Need to update glossary with the new terms from the demo, e.g. topology and node. (Mark W.)
  • Next data collection meeting we need to review the first pass at the API
  • Need to update the architecture diagrams to make the reporting application a bit more precise
    • Who is going to build the navigation servlets/web ui?
  • Update the architecture diagram to match the terminology that Marius has in the current API work, e.g. Data Access from Data Store Read/Write
  • A;i/Steve/Valentina need to produce the SML-IF documents that will be used to drive the demo

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