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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 17-February-09


  • David (IBM)
  • Mark (SAS)
  • Jeff (SAS)
  • Josh (SAS)
  • Ed (SAS)
  • Merri (SAS)


  • i2 status
    • Weekly candidate build/tests
  • i3 plans
  • CL2 plans
  • RM update
  • SDD update
  • Around the room


  • i2 status -- test pass done for ME. David to track down test status for RM to find out if Saurabh ran the tests.
  • i3 plans -- items deferred from i2 are now in i3. Check for accuracy. Need to add ERs to i3 for the install tooling and packaging code to commit from SAS. The operation handler can be expanded to include other tools like P2
  • i3 design reviews to be targeted and started next week. Some ERs missing design docs and some need updating. Please have those updated for next week.
  • CL2 plans -- interest in SDD work is almost all related to CL2. Should we entertain implementing CL2 functionality in COSMOS? Feedback from all who have provided it has been yes. David brought up a good point that the COSMOS blog is also a good way to generate interest. If folks would like to be a blog author, contact David and he will make you one so you can blog about COSMOS.
  • RM update - goal for 1.1 is to move from "in research" to production quality. David indicates that a good candidate for help from the community is to implement contextual help. Involves copying HTML into a help plug-in. i3 is not a hard requirement, but it would be nice to get this in for i3. MUST be done before 1.1. This work does not require intimate knowledge of RM.
  • SDD update - COSMOS SDD is fully resolving. Resulting resource is not done yet, but will be done in order to make it available to MDR creation methods. The profile is basically done. It has two new objects SDD_Artifacts and SDD_AdditionalContent defined with valid elements and handlers. Profile will be sent out and if heads all nod that it looks correct, the schema can be checked into the repo so the profile module can use it with JAXB to generate needed classes.
  • Around the room -- no other topics from around the room.

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