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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 17-April-08

These are the minutes for the Architecture Meeting for 4/17/08.


  • JT
  • Jack
  • Martin
  • Hubert
  • Mark
  • David
  • Don
  • Tania
  • Bill
  • Saurabh
  • Jimmy
  • Srinivas
  • Ali
  • Jagmit
  • Leonard
  • Sheldon



Candidate driver

  • Last night's build had problems
  • A new build has been restarted
  • A lot more testing is required

API cleanup

  • Decision was made to adopt Eclipse guideline of using provisional in package names instead of using annotations, in order to eliminate graduation stumbling blocks
  • Don pointed out we need to think very carefully about which packages are internal vs. provisional, so we only do this one time
  • Mark would like this done in i11 so that CA adopters can have provisional API indicated as soon as possible
  • Ali mentioned that provisional API should be fully commented
  • Ali also mentioned that for plugins that are not intended to be part of COSMOS going forward, we should move those to an archive area in CVS
  • Bill suggested there are far too many jars, plugins, and bundles, adding complexity to COSMOS setup. He would like us to combine as many of them as make sense. Ali said he will take a pass through the entire list to see what can be combined.

COSMOS Architecture Finalization

  • We ran out of time to get to this topic
  • I will copy this agenda item to the next arch call agenda

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