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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 16-March-10


  • Brad
  • Josh
  • Mark
  • Jason


Today's meeting started with Josh summarizing his progress last week on the RAP UI. He has progressed from a simple "hello world" UI to an implementation that gathers the same parameters as the current SDD command line interface. The problem with lost variable references from last week was easily fixed by changing to class variables. Josh then commented on the various RAP bundles that he needed in order to build successfully and asked about adding these for COSMOS. Jason commented that Josh needed to send those along so we can document our third party dependencies. Josh took the action to send these to Jason. Jason will check on IP. More discussion ensued regarding the UI and how installs are kicked off. The team is to get Brad a working copy prior to EclipseCon that also includes the P2 work thus far.

Brad then covered his status on using Hudson in the COSMOS builds. He has this started. The build page can be found here. More work is to be done. The focus first will be to replicated what we currently have running nightly and then focus on leverage more Hudson features. Brad also indicated that he has updated COSMOS builds to run with 3.5.2 and had to update several bundles around DS and WTP. Jason to gather those updates.

P2 prototype work is ongoing. No new update this week.

No other items for today. Adjourn.

Action items

  • Brad to continue working on using Hudson for COSMOS builds (in progress)
  • Josh to send Jason RAP bundles and versions
  • Jason to check on RAP IP
  • Jason to check updated DS and WTP bundles as part of updating build to Eclipse 3.5.2
  • Jason to get CL2 SDDs in the example project
  • Jeff to get the RAP and P2 prototype in a state to share w/ Brad prior to EclipseCon

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