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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 16-February-10


  • Brad
  • Josh
  • Jeff
  • Jason


The focus topic for today's meeting was preparation for the discussion with P2 on Thursday. Jason put together some slides that outline talking points for the discussion which he emailed out to the list of attendees on this (the COSMOS) call. The team reviewed those slides and made a few minor tweaks along the way. In general there is agreement that there seems to be much overlap in concept and a great deal of similarity in architecture between the COSMOS SDD runtime and P2.

The team then went through a quick rundown of action items from the last call. Brad wasn't able to spend time on Hudson this past week. Josh setup Hudson for a project at SAS and noted that it was "pretty slick." Jeff, Brad, Jason and Josh all pushed forward on P2 research. Jason completed his action to put together slides. Brad and Mark were unable to work on the UI project but Brad noted a new release of NetBeans 6.8 that there is a very nice Swing GUI builder (formerly project Matisse). Jason wasn't able to work on the CL2 features. Brad was able to get some thoughts gathered and will continue to work on that.

The team meets with the P2 team on Thursday at 4PM. Additional information related to that discussion will be posted.

No other topics today. Adjourn.

Action items

  • Brad to work on using Hudson for COSMOS builds
  • Brad and Mark to continue UI research on Swing and RAP respectively
  • Brad and Jason to itemize CL2 features

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