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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 14-January-09


  • David (IBM)
  • Mark J. (IBM)
  • Jason (SAS)


  • Review i2 enhancements
    • Prioritize design reviews for the ERs
    • Start design discussions for near term ERs
    • Design docs and use cases missing for current ERs (not needed for defects)
  • Around the room


i2 enhancements were discussed. David indicated that 238492 is an SML specification compliance issue and that this work has been ongoing, just not completed. It will be completed for i2. No further discussion was necessary. Enhancements for the SDD runtime work were then discussed. The interface between the change analyzer and change resolver component are changing to no longer use the flattened SDD. Instead, Brad and Jeff are working on an interface to the object model created by the JAXB implementation of the change analyzer. The net is that the SDD model will be used directly and not the transformed/flattened model. The core resolvers were also discussed as well as the profile module. Design docs are needed for all and will be forthcoming. Those will be reviewed in upcoming meetings. For overall prioritization, the change analyzer/change resolver interface is top priority followed by the core resolvers followed by the profile module.


  1. Jason to get design docs and use cases referenced in the i2 table

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