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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 12-January-10


  • Josh
  • Mark
  • Jeff
  • Jason
  • Brad


The group discussed P2 to start the call today. Jeff has been steadily working through this and getting his P2 environment up to date with the latest code. Brad spent some time on this last week as well but no concrete conclusions as of yet either. Jeff took the action to complete his work and publish a document to start the discussion next week. Brad indicated that a meeting invite will be forthcoming to discuss SDD and P2.

Josh then took over to discuss the simple registry work he's been assigned. He took the group through his design document. Brad and Jason discussed the original IBM implementation and whether there were any design points that should be considered such as a database backend for the storing the data. The group discussed and reached the conclusion that for now we will go with a simple XML document, but the design will account for the potential of a database or other alternative storage in the future. Josh took the action item to flesh out a proposed schema and send it to the cosmosdev list.

We then hit on the UI investigation work. Brad has made progress on a Swing interface with OSGi for another project that plays very well with the UI work targeted in COSMOS. He will continue on this front and share more as he has it. Mark indicated that he has been looking at RAP and learning OSGi along the way. Brad suggested some good references.

Neither Brad nor Jason have had opportunity to itemize the desired CL2 features, but will work to start doing that between now and next week.

No other topics today. Adjourn.

Action items

  • Jeff to publish P2 document as a start for discussion next week
  • Josh to send out schema for the XML based registry
  • Brad and Mark to continue UI research on Swing and RAP respectively
  • Brad and Jason to itemize CL2 features

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