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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 10-November-09


  • Jeff
  • Josh
  • Jason
  • Ed
  • Brad


Jason posted an updated release schedule for review by the team. After a quick review and run down of the iterations and milestones there was agreement to move forward with the 1.2 schedule. Jason to update the project metadata to reflect the new schedule. The team then hit on the COSMOS build activities and the need to transfer this knowledge from Saurabh to someone else on the team. Brad volunteered to take the lead on this with Josh and Jason backing him up. Meeting with Saurabh is scheduled for 11/11 to go through the build steps for daily, weekly, milestone and release builds. Jason indicated that iteration 1 is open for business and that at least two features are in scope for this iteration. The first is refactoring the SPI to use JAXB and the second is to refactor the tooling package names. Josh is to enter bugzillas for each of these, put together a brief design document, and update the 1.2 feature page. The team then discussed generic package creation using the package creation tool (PCT) that Jeff committed in 1.1. The tool needs some cleanup to generically create zip packages and accompanying metadata (XML) to describe file attributes. Jeff will write up design and move this forward. Jason would like to take the package creation tool and leverage it in the SDD editor Eclipse plug-in so that through the Eclipse IDE SDD producers can create/edit SDDs and create packages from a single UI. There has been no follow-up on P2 discussion. Jason to ping Donald Smith at Eclipse on this topic again.

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