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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 08-May-08

These are the minutes for the Architecture Meeting for 5/8/08.


  • David
  • Sheldon
  • Mark
  • Srinivas
  • Tania
  • Hubert
  • JT
  • Martin
  • Jack


  • 20 min: i11 Issues - holdover topic from May 1 (Sheldon Lee-Loy)
    • Internationalization: Should locale be set from the browser and sent to the MDR?
    • Determine names for current MDRs. Should MDR provide a display name?
      COSMOS MDR Lists
      bug 228019
  • 20 min: Followup on COSMOS Architectural discussions from May 1 (Jimmy Mohsin et al)
    • Jimmy to send out updated slides (please link here, Jimmy, as part of the email reduction act of 2008 ;-)
    • Discuss updates to the two current state slides
    • Discuss the future state slide:
      • We need to decide when / if the Domain will return.
      • We need to determine a realistic timeframe for supporting multiple Brokers for scalability / performance considerations. I get asked this question a lot from the transactionally-intensive products...
      • What is our position vis-a-vis WSDM / WEF for future releases?
  • 20 min: (Sheldon Lee-Loy)


Display names for MDRs

  • David suggested the MDR should own the display name and icon
  • Mark mentioned there are two use cases, one of which might not have the requirement for display info (access thru federating CMDB)
  • Having the MDR own the display name would require that it would need the locale passed to it
  • Hubert asked if we should do this in i11
  • Mark suggested we go back to the CMDBf spec guys and suggest that this is a possible new API for MDRs


  • Sheldon presented a design for how locale can be passed around
  • We decided that the requirement for localization of queries is both unclear and perhaps the responsibility of the CMDBf spec. There was not adequate CA representation on the call to get clarification.
  • This is also not an i11 workitem because of the unknowns


  • Hubert wanted to present what he has so far in implementing logging
  • He evaluated log4j and the logging built into Java 1.4, and found they are fairly equivalent
  • Using Java is an advantage because it is built-in and would not require 3rd party code
  • However, Java's logging facility is set for the whole VM instance, which might not be desirable when multiple applications or data managers are running on the same VM
  • Tomcat includes Juli which is a tightly coupled extension of Java logging
  • Deciding on which to use can also be tricky because we might not want to assume Tomcat is being used and that Juli is available
  • We are going to check with other projects as to what is recommended and used
  • Hubert is going to report back next week
  • Martin mentioned that a UI for viewing the logs would be useful
  • He mentioned either having a menu option on an MDR for displaying a log, or reusing one of our existing data managers (such as the CBE one) to maintain log data

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