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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 05-January-10


  • Josh
  • Mark
  • Jeff
  • Jason
  • Brad


The group reviewed the iteration 3 features page. Items to note are that we need to work collectively on a design for our intergration and alignment with P2. This will likely come up at EclipseCon and we should all be clear on how the two fit together. Action item for all on the call is to work out all of the "moving parts" of both P2 and the SDD runtime and lay those parts out in a high-level architecture noting the interfaces between the two.

The second item discussed today was the implementation of a simple registry in order to store information about the SDD operations that were performed. This information will be necessary in order to address other use cases such as fixes/maintenance as there needs to be a record that the "base" is installed in order to process the fix.

The group then discussed planned UI work for the 1.2 release and in particular the focus on RAP and a Swing interface in iteration 3. Brad will be taking a look at the Swing interface and Mark will be delving into the RAP interface. Jason will list both as separate line items in the iteration 3 matrix.

Brad asked about project metadata. Jason indicated that it was out of date and that he will update it. If assistance is needed from Brad Jason will ping him. The metadata will be updated today (1/5/10).

Jeff then asked about the CL2 work and what is planned. In previous releases CL2 work was not planned. In this release we will take on specific CL2 functions with a focus on those CL2 features with business drivers from SAS and CA. Action is for SAS and CA to identify those CL2 features that are desired in order to focus on the most important CL2 features first.


Action items

  • P2 homework and architecture research (all)
  • Simple registry design (Josh)
  • UI research for Swing and RAP UI (Brad and Mark respectively)
  • Update project metadata (Jason)
  • Begin enumerating desired CL2 features (Jason and Brad)

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