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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 04-August-09

This week's meeting was unexpectedly canceled due to an unforseen scheduling issue at SAS. Summary and status requests were sent via the following email to the cosmos-dev list.

Hi folks,

Sorry for the scheduling issue this morning. The fire alarm turned out to be a false positive, fortunately, but unfortunately left most of us on the SAS side scrambling.

In any event, I do want to collect brief status updates on i6. From last week the following bugzillas were being pursued.

281282 - Resolve ResourcePropertyType variables (Jeff H.) 281288 - Decompose operation handler into discreet operations (Josh H.) 282024 - Need to honor priority attribute for AlternateTypes and ConstraintTypes (Jeff H.)

Jeff/Josh, can you send me updates on the three bugzillas listed above.

David, please pass along any relevant information related to RM.

All, I have created an i7 feature page here to track any defects or stabilizing work for 1.1.

Also, in accordance with our preparation for the 1.1 GA, I have emailed all inactive committers and requested permission from our technology PMC to release COSMOS 1.1.

I will have the IP log submitted to Eclipse legal later this week.

    • Also, on an unrelated note, if you know of companies that plan to make use of COSMOS 1.1 please let me know *offline*. These can be internal adopters from participating companies or other companies that plan to use COSMOS but are not currently participating. The Eclipse ecosystem development team will be working on a Fall membership drive and this can be a good way to broaden our community.

Thanks & cheers, -Jason

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