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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 03-February-09


  • David (IBM)
  • Brad (CA)
  • Jeff (SAS)
  • Josh (SAS)
  • Ed (SAS)
  • Mark (SAS)
  • Merri (SAS)
  • Michael (SAS)
  • Jason (SAS)


  • i2 status
    • Any design reviews for i2 this week?
    • Weekly candidate builds and weekly tests
  • RM update
  • SDD update
  • Response to IETF MIB2RMDL message to the mailing list
  • Around the room


The team first began discussions related to preferred meeting time. The group decided to go with the 11AM time slot and that will be used starting next week. Jason will update the wiki pages and send out the calendar invitation. Discussion then turned to i2 status. Several of the i2 enhancements are not containable to i2 and should be deferred to i3. i2 closes the development phase of the iteration tomorrow (2/4). We also discussed as a reminder that after each weekly candidate build any manual tests that need to be run for each subproject should be and the status candidate drive status page updated. There were no pending design reviews for this week. i3 planning and scoping should begin now with an eye on designs for enhancements that should be done for our milestone driver. Goal for the i3 driver is a simple SDD runtime for installing COSMOS plus a couple of key bug fixes and the RTX. We then jumped into status for each of the subprojects. David indicated the RM was moving along well. The SDD update focused on the profile module and change resolver status plus an update on the profile modifications that have been made in support of resource resolution. We then discussed the IETF message to the mailing list. David provided background on the DC efforts and that the work doesn't relate to the current DC efforts as implemented in COSMOS. Jason took the action to respond. No other items from around the room. Adjourn.

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