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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 03-April-08

These are the minutes for the Architecture Meeting for 4/3/08.


  • David Whiteman
  • John Todd
  • Martin Simmonds
  • Hubert Leung
  • Don Ebright
  • Joel Hawkins
  • Bill Muldoon
  • Sheldon Lee-Loy
  • Ali Mehregani
  • Jack Devine
  • Jimmy Mohsin
  • Paul Stratton
  • Domenica Gelaj


5 Min: Critical or leftover status issues from community call (if needed)

15 Min: Web services update (Hubert)

  • progress
  • screen shots
    • "Service groups"
    • Mdrsrvgrp.jpg
    • Registration Service
    • Regservice.jpg
    • use ?wsdl to get WSDL of an EPR
    • Regwsdl.jpg
    • Project structure
    • Prjstructure.jpg
    • Project facet
    • Projfacets.jpg
  • Broker
    • Not using WS-SG
    • remove management domain
    • If we need multiple brokers, we can register a broker (a web service) with another broker. The client can navigate throw a network of brokers.
    • support single broker in i10/v1.0
    • broker schema:
    • operations:
      • registerGroup
      • deregisterGroup
      • getAllGroups
    • WS-RC
  • Next Monday, we will have:
    • Data manager framework + query client + registration client
    • broker + broker client
    • example MDR

15 Min: DC discussion (Don Ebright)

15 Min: SDD update (Jason Losh)

10 min: Discuss candidate APIs for 1.0


Integration Build status

Hubert indicated that the build is good from his perspective. Jagmit to send out notification that the build is good and CVS is now reopened.

Web services using Axis2

  • 60-70% done
  • people will be able to start integration next Monday; Hubert will update us by email how to use it
  • Hubert waiting for legal green light to check things in
  • service groups in Axis2 different from service group standard
  • just a way to make a meaningful set of services
  • more flexible than previous approach, as will be able to support non-cosmos MDRs
  • cosmos service manager = data manager
  • each service has WSDL - can obtain using ?wsdl construct
  • WS-RC is similar to what we're doing; trick will be whether that code can be open source & legally approved


  • Don wants clarification on the role of WSDM in COSMOS 1.0 and beyond
  • Wants to know if the ERs and defect assigned to Joel should be deferred to another iteration
  • TODO: Mark to answer this question


  • Jason was not on the call, so we will defer this discussion


  • Domenica raised the issue of automated testing for web UI as to the status
  • Sheldon replied this work is not part of i10
  • Jimmy asked about whether this code would be in i10, to which Hubert replied it was

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