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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 02-February-10


  • Josh
  • Jeff
  • Jason
  • Brad


The team began today's discussion going over the iteration 4 work. Slated for this month will be the continuation of the simple registry work that Josh started last month. He has scheduled time for he and Jason to iron out the design for storing the SDDs with the registry. A design document will be sent to the dev list for review prior to next week's call.

The team then went on to discuss action items from last week's meeting. Brad intends to begin the work to use Hudson for managing COSMOS builds this week. He finished the work last week to update the feature versions. Jason indicated he had downloaded the last SDK and will double check the feature versions.

Jeff then took the team through some additional work he has done on the P2 integration front. This week he left the prototype from last week alone and instead focused on setting up the Toast application. Some documentation from the P2 team was sent and Jeff followed it to setup the Toast application in an environment here at SAS. He noted that there were some gotchas he ran into and will share those with the group so others can learn from his work. Next steps are to dive into what the P2 Toast example does and how those concepts apply to the work we need to do for using P2 to perform SDD operations in a distributed manner.

The team then hit on the remaining action items from last week. Nothing noteworthy to share and those action items needing to be pulled forward to this week have been.

No other topics today. Adjourn.

Action items

  • Brad to work on using Hudson for COSMOS builds
  • Jason to review SDK download and checkout feature versions
  • Josh to enter an ER for the continuation of the simple registry work
  • Josh and Jason to create SDD storage design and share with the team
  • Jeff to continue P2 research and document steps he has completed thus far
  • Brad and Mark to continue UI research on Swing and RAP respectively
  • Brad and Jason to itemize CL2 features

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