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Corona Demo

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Corona 1.0.0M7 Demo

The demo is intended to guide you with Corona that you can see current Corona features.

The demo will start 3 instances of Eclipse. The 1st instance is a non-UI Eclipse environment that is the Corona server. This is a server-side Eclipse environment used to host OSGi bundles and non-UI Eclipse plugins. The 2nd and 3rd instances are Eclipse Workbenches that will participate with each other in a Workgroup.

Instructions for downloading, setting up, and running the demo are available on the Corona’s installation page.



  1. Run Corona clients for User_A.
    1. cd <installClient>
    2. Start the Eclipse Workbench client for either "User_A" or "User_B"
      1. Linux: ./eclipse -clean -vmargs
      2. Windows: eclipse -clean -vmargs
    3. An Eclipse Workbench will be started.
      1. It will be configured with its own workspace as well as define the user name of "User_A"
      2. During startup, the Workbench client will attempt to connect to the default Corona server.
        1. This may cause the startup to take longer if the remote server is not available.
  2. If needed, set the Corona preferences to the appropriate Corona server
    1. Select Window / Preferences... / Corona / Server Settings
    2. Enter the URL of the Corona server
      1. The URL of Corona's demo server is:
  3. Show the view Corona/Project Container Explorer
    1. Open the Window menu
    2. Select Show Views
    3. Select Other...
    4. Expand the category Corona
    5. Select the view Project Container Explorer
  4. Start the Eclipse Workbench for User_B
    • Repeat the steps above, replacing "User_A" with "User_B"
  5. Interact with Workgroup collaboration features
    1. Import Workbench projects into workspace. From the Project Container Explorer view...
      1. Right click CoronaDemo
      2. From pop-up menu select Open Project Container
      3. Expand the CoronaDemo project container
      4. Right mouse click on the Eclipse workbench project org.eclipse.corona
      5. Select import
      6. When prompted "Do you want to import resources to workspace?" click yes
      7. When prompted for CVS username/password, enter anonymous
    2. View resources, team members, bugs, etc. in Project Container View.
    3. Generate collaboration events
    4. Chat with users within the Workgroup - select


  1. Close the demo
    1. Close the Eclispe Workbench for User_A
    2. Close the Eclipse Workbench for User_B
    3. Close the Corona server
      1. Got the console window for the Corona server
      2. Enter the command close

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