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Corona CC use cases

The current CC def'n has 2 parameters per RD. These use cases introduce a 3rd parameter, content-format. --Dennis O'Flynn
  • We need a design review to finalize the set of parameters needed for each RD.
  • Could a simple property (name/value) be used to allow a variable number of parameters?
A simple property mechanism could be used, but some predefined and required properties would have to be defined. In other words something that would replace current mechanism. In addition it would allow change logial model without changing physical model. --Marcin Okraszewski
None of use cases below show example of multiple connection configurations. Can someone give one? --Marcin Okraszewski
The distinction to 'what' and 'how' is stored should be enough. 'What' is the information for the user of a repository and 'How' is the information for repository adapter. There will always be cases that require special handling by repository adapter. Imagine a Jackrabbit repository available through WebServices that stores connection parameters to CVS in which TeamRepository in XML format is stored. --Pawel Kaczmarek
CC requires ServiceDescriptor as another node. Now there are only RepositoryDescriptors that represent 'static' contents. The idea similar to ServiceDescriptor was rised during the meeting of Eclipse collaboration project --Pawel Kaczmarek

CVS repository

Checkout, modify, view, read, commit resources from CVS.


  • repository with content-type=CVS, content-format=CVS, access-type=CVS

Web page

Simply a web page.


  • content-type=WebPage, content-format=HTML, access-type=HTTP
If display layer takes into account only content-format, we would have to use some adapter for HTTP protocol, instead of passing it directly to browser :( --Marcin Okraszewski
It seems to me that content-type and content-format are the same. --Dennis O'Flynn
Not quite. If a page is JavaDoc, then the content-type would be JavaDoc (or ApiDoc), while content-format still HTML. --Marcin Okraszewski

Web page within CVS or JCR repository

Web page stored in some storage repository.


  • content-type=WebPage, content-format=HTML, access-type=CVS
How to display it? A single web page can be easily retrieved from repository and displayed. But what about other resources referred by the page (eg. pictures, scripts, CSS) with relative paths? Is it possible to register new protocol in embedded browser? If not (and I think it is not possible), the only solution I find would be open a local HTTP port and map all requests to proper resources in repository. --Marcin Okraszewski

Team member XML in CVS

A team member XML in storage repository.


  • content-type=Team, content-format=TeamXML, access-type=CVS
How to specify which file contains the XML? --Marcin Okraszewski

Team member through WS

A team member repository accessible through Web Service.


  • content-type=Team, content-format=TeamWS, access-type=WS
Is there any "repository adapter" that would match access-type WS? This interface couldn't be like normal repository adapter --Marcin Okraszewski

Invoke command on server through SSH

For example run command that starts build on a server.


  • content-type=???, content-format=RemoteCommand, access-type=SSH
  • content-format and content-type names doesn't fit :(
  • Would adapter for SSH have the same interface as repository adapter? Seems doesn't fit well :( --Marcin Okraszewski

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