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Connectivity Callisto Features

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Note: This page discusses topics related to the 2006 Callisto Simultaneous Release. Most of the Callisto pages are deprecated. You are urged to find current information on pages related to the 2007 effort, currently named the Europa Simultaneous Release.

The following features are committed for Connectivity Callisto:

JUnit Tests

<PMC>Add JUnit tests to SQL Dev</PMC>

WTP Parity

<JG>Note: The details and timing of these items need to be clarified by the connectivity team.</JG>

  • Database connectivity for all WTP/rdb databases
    • Notes: <JG>For vendor support pack.</JG>
  • Refinements to connection dialog
  • WTP 'Database Explorer' support. Port all:
    • Features
    • Extension points


  • Remove org.eclipse.ui dependency from org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity. Bugzilla 125962
    • Requirements: Allow connectivity functionality to be used within a headless environment.
    • Development Estimate: 2-3 days
    • Possible Start Date: April 10
    • API Impacts: IConnectionProfile.add/removePropertyListener(). (currently depends on org.eclipse.ui.IPropertyListener)
    • UI Impacts: None.
    • Can Complete by 4/7: Unlikely (might not be a concern if it weren't for the API impact).
  • Prevent storing of authentication data within the workspace. Bugzilla 114415
    • Requirements: Give the user the option to store or not store authentication information within the workspace.
    • Development Estimate: 3 weeks +/- 1 week (swag)
    • Possible Start Date: TBD
    • API Impacts: Unknown. Presumably additive.
    • UI Impacts: Generic DB new wizard and connection details property page.
    • Can Complete by 4/7: Unlikely (need resources)
  • Add a pingFactory attribute to connectionProfile element within org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.connectionProfile extension. Bugzilla 137122
    • Requirements: Simplify connection profile extension point.
    • Development Estimate: 2 days
    • Possible Start Date: April 5-10
    • API Impacts: Impacts connectionProfile extension point schema (additive).
    • UI Impacts: None.
    • Can Complete by 4/7: Possibly (4/13 is probably more reasonable)
  • Add an element to org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.connectionProfile that would allow developers to associate an adapter for a specified connection type. For example, a SQL model adapter for java.sql.Connection objects. Bugzilla 137123
    • Requirements:
      • Reduce the number of connection factories associated with a connection profile.
      • Promote reuse of existing connections (e.g. DB profiles create two java.sql.Connection objects).
      • Allow views to be associated with connection types as opposed to connection profile types.
    • Development Estimate: 1 week
    • Possible Start Date: April 5-10
    • API Impacts: Impacts connection profile APIs (changes are additive).
    • UI Impacts: None.
    • Can Complete by 4/7: Unlikely (4/13 is probably more reasonable)
  • Extend ODA run-time capability to use externalized data source connection info. Bugzilla 137359
    • Requirements: Allow an ODA consumer application, such as J2EE application, to extend the ODA consumer framework to provide application-specific service to obtain configurable, externalized property values, for use by an ODA driver to connect to a data source.
    • Development Estimate: 2-3 days
    • Possible Start Date: May 8
    • API Impacts: New provisional extension point and Java interface (additive)
    • UI Impacts: None.
    • Can Complete by RC3 milestone.

The following features are under consideration for Connectivity Callisto:


  • Change the way version information is stored within connection profile instances. Move the information from being stored within the base properties to a version specific properties group. Bugzilla 137124
    • Requirements: A fix was put in to prevent this information from being overwritten by the connection details page which effectively prevents properties from being removed from the profile. This fix needs to be reverted and replaced by this proposed solution.
    • Development Estimate: 3-5 days
    • Possible Start Date: April 5-10
    • API Impacts: None. (Impacts lookup keys for retrieving this information, but this is not currently defined as public API.)
    • UI Impacts: None.
    • Can Complete by 4/7: Unlikely (May not be an issue since this is not really a feature.)
  • Develop an extension to the connection profile framework to enable start/stop functionality for profile instances. Bugzilla 137125
    • Requirements:
      • Allow developers to specify information that can be used for starting/restarting/stopping servers represented by connection profile instances.
      • Provide consistent UI through connection profile framework (i.e. DSE) for accessing start/restart/stop functionality.
    • Development Estimate: 3 weeks +/- 1 week (swag)
    • Possible Start Date: TBD
    • API Impacts: Should be implemented as an extension to existing framework.
    • UI Impacts: Yes. (New actions in DSE. Base class implementations for implementing start/stop/restart functionality).
    • Can Complete by 4/7: Unlikely (need resources)
  • Extension point wizard for org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.connectionProfile.
    • Requirements:
      • Accelerate development of connection profile extensions.
      • Minimize errors related to references between extension elements.
    • Development Estimate: 3 weeks (swag)
    • Possible start date: TBD
    • API Impacts: None.
    • UI Impacts: None (this would be new UI, most likely distributed with a DTP SDK feature)
    • Can Complete by 4/7: Unlikely (need resources)

<rjc>Note:My preference would be to try to implement all features that might affect APIs in an additive way.

I think it would also be nice if we could implement an extension point wizard for the connectionProfile extension. I don't think this could be completed prior to Callisto, but think it might be something that could be provided as an "extra" for those willing to try it (i.e. an alpha version of a post-Callisto feature).</rjc>

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