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Configuring a Custom Coordinated Cache (ELUG)

Configurable Options for a Custom Coordinated Cache

Option to Configure Workbench

Configuring cache coordination change propagation at the descriptor level



Configuring a service channel



Configuring transport class



Configuring connection handling



For more information, see Custom Coordinated Cache.

Configuring Transport Class

To configure a custom coordinated cache, you must specify your custom instance of org.eclipse.persistence.sessions.coordination.TransportManager.

How to Configure Transport Class Using Workbench

To select the transport class for the user defined coordinated cache, use this procedure:

  1. Select a session or session broker in the Navigator. Its properties appear in the Editor.
  2. Click the Cache Coordination tab. The Cache Coordination tab appears.
  3. Ensure the Enable Cache Coordination option is selected and the Type is User Defined (see Cache Coordination).
    Cache Coordination, Transport Class Option
    Cache Coordination, Transport Class Option

  4. Click Browse and select the transport class for the user-defined coordinated cache.

How to Configure Transport Class Using Java

Create a custom instance of the org.eclipse.persistence.sessions.coordination.TransportManager that you use as a transport class for your coordinated cache.

You obtain the TransportManager using the following Session API:


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