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Component Attribute (Buckminster)

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A Component Attribute is an attribute of a component that has a value of type Artifact Group. An attribute can be declared in a CSPEC by using one of the elements artifact, group, or action.


A component attribute in Buckminster sort of works as a getter method (using Java/OO terminology), and this is implemented by using one of the clauses artifact, group, or action. An artifact specifies none, one, or several paths to either individual files or directories where directory paths end with a slash (/). A group specifies a list of other attributes (which in turn may be artifacts, actions, or groups (recursively)). Finally, action, that can produce a path structure on-the-fly returned as the value of the attribute.

Attribute names must be unique within a component.

Refrences to Component Attributes

The group and action attributes can reference attributes. References to attributes in the same component are said to be local, and to attributes in other components are said to be external. Local reference refers to the name of the attribute. External references refers to the name of a component dependency, and the name of one of that component's public attributes.


Component Attributes can be public or private. The private attributes can only be used within one component specification. The publc attributes can be used from other components.


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