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Common Build Infrastructure/Virtual Server Setup/WinXP

This page documents how http://buildbox/ was set up for use in EclipseCon 2009's Hands-On: Using the new Common Builder for Push-Button PDE Builds tutorial.

Create virtual server image

  • create 30G extensible virtual disk for use with Virtual Box
  • VirtualBox recommends no more than 256M vram, but you need more or you get error=12, Cannot allocate memory when running tests
+ GEF 3.5 build ran OK with 640M (111 tests, including UI tests ON LINUX; still TBD on Windows)
  • install Windows from mounted CD
  • unmount .iso image; mount Virtual Box additions image instead
  • restart when prompted

Install software

  • install Virtual Box Guest Additions; restart guest if required.
  • for easily transferring files between host and guest, mount a shared drive; I use X:\ on the guest mapped to ~/VBoxShared on the host
  • download and install Java 5
  • install Cygwin. Make sure to include the following, along with the defaults
 cvs curl perl subversion unzip wget zip
  • right-click My Computer, then select Properties > Advanced > Environment Variables > Path > Edit. Add ";c:\cygwin\bin\" to the end of the existing PATH variable.

Run a build in Eclipse

  • download and unpack Eclipse 3.4.2, then double-click the launcher (eclipse.exe).
  • choose a workspace without spaces or a lengthy path, such as c:\workspace
  • import the psf into Eclipse using File > Import > Team > Project Set File. You should end up with three workspace projects, org.eclipse.releng.basebuilder, org.eclipse.dash.common.releng, and org.eclipse.gef.releng.
  • download ant-contrib.jar into c:\workspace\org.eclipse.dash.common.releng\lib\
  • open gef.releng, configure to correct java and Eclipse platform settings. For example

# for windows, must be explicit about paths using correct slashes (/); dirs with spaces should be avoided
  • select build.xml, right-click and Run as > Ant Build
  • to kill a bad build in progress, open a Windows Task Manager, switch to Processes tab, and kill the appropriate process (eg., eclipse.exe or java.exe).


+ bug 295670 - Make Tests run from ANT script only

+ bug 268405 - pack200 does not work

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