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Common Build Infrastructure/Virtual Server Setup/MacOSX

This page documents how to set up a Mac OS X box for use in EclipseCon 2009's Hands-On: Using the new Common Builder for Push-Button PDE Builds tutorial.

Run a build in Eclipse

  • download and unpack Eclipse 3.4.2, then double-click the application icon.
  • choose a workspace without spaces or a lengthy path, such as ~/Documents/workspace
  • import the psf into Eclipse using File > Import > Team > Project Set File. You should end up with three workspace projects, org.eclipse.releng.basebuilder, org.eclipse.dash.common.releng, and org.eclipse.gef.releng.
  • download ant-contrib.jar into ~/Documents/workspace/org.eclipse.dash.common.releng/lib/
  • open gef.releng, configure to correct java and Eclipse platform settings. For example

  • select build.xml, right-click and Run as > Ant Build
  • to kill a stuck process or bad build in progress, open a terminal (Finder > Go > Applications > Utilities > Terminal) and run
ps ax | grep java | grep N200903
  • then kill the associated process
kill -9 <processid>


+ bug 268420 - tests do not run - need to solve issues w/ headless X connection & carbon vs. cocoa dependencies

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