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Common Build Infrastructure/Publishing/Helios

To update your Helios .build file, simply set these properties in your file. You must already have an existing file; these properties control updating your file and committing the changes to CVS, not creating one from scratch.

# if set, update zip will be unpacked into destination dir and use synchMethod
# above to add or replace contents 
# if set, this promote will publish this update site's information into a
# .build file based on the template in the releng folder
# you will still need to link to it from within the file, but 
# updates to this file can be done automatedly
# for a remote file to be checked in via CVS, eg., for Helios @ Eclipse. Note
# the use of colons (:).  
# or, can either point to relative-path file within your releng project for local testing
# if not set, targetUpdateURL will be calculated from targetUpdateDir, above
# using this substitution: 
#   /home/data/httpd/* becomes

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