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Common Build Infrastructure/Getting Started/FAQ/Basebuilder

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org.eclipse.releng.basebuilder is a subset of eclipse plugins required to run the build. It does not need to compile entirely or be in your workspace to be useful.

I checked out the org.eclipse.releng.basebuilder but there are some compilation errors.

1. It depends on a j2ee.jar. 2. Some of the dependencies still reference older/previous versions of jar's

Basebuilder Dependencies Problem.png

I can resolve all the errors with outdated dependencies by replacing them with others in the plugins folder, but for the j2ee.jar I had to add j2ee.jar to my private library and include it in the project, even though the project seems to reference a j2ee.jar in "eclipsInternalBuildTools". I cannot find this location in the projects.

It doesn't matter.

This project does not need to compile; it is only needed to launch a headless Eclipse runtime for your build.

You can clean up all the errors/warnings or you can simply close the project. It also does not need to be in your workspace if you'd prefer to have it elsewhere on disk and reference it like this in your project's .releng/ file:


What version of basebuilder should I use?

Get the latest stable tag for the version of Eclipse you're building against.

See Platform-releng-basebuilder.

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