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Committers (Buckminster)

Committer access

How to set up Committer access to our SVN repository

You should get started in a new Workspace by following these steps:

  1. Create a new empty project named TP
  2. Create a new target platform with one directory
  3. Point it to the TP project
  4. Check out the org.eclipse.buckminster.releng project
  5. Set properties as needed in the file
  6. Import the build.mspec

Buckminster Workspace Template

A workspace template that unifies the coding style, error & warning level settings etc.

  • Create an empty folder (e.g. "workspace_buckminster")
  • Download Buckminster Workspace Template
  • Unzip & Untar its contents to the empty workspace folder


The changes between each release are computed automatically from bugzilla information. This has two consequences that you should be aware about:

  1. Everything you commit should refer to a bugzilla
  2. Check-In comments should follow the pattern 'Bug NUMBER - DESCRIPTION'. In real life this will look like 'Bug 283210 - Search for OPML Bookmars should be optional'. The Mylyn project can help you in applying a uniform check-in comment format.

The work is currently done on two branches. The trunk and branches/Platform-3.5.x. Only the projects that differs in some way between 3.5.x and the coming 3.6 are branched. It is your responsibility as a committer to see to that whatever you commit to trunk is propagated to branches (or vice versa) in case that is appropriate.

Staying Up to Date

To stay informed about what's happening you should configure bugzilla to send email notifications.

  1. Click 'Preferences' on any bugzilla page after you are logged in.
  2. Select the 'Email Preferences' tab.
  3. Scroll down until you see 'Add users to my watch list (comma separated list):'
  4. Enter ''

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