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Cloud Native Community Events 2019

Cloud Native at Community Events EclipseCon Europe 2019

( This is where you can find information what we did last year )

Cloud Native Java at Eclipse Foundation

Community Day, on Monday, and Community Evening, on Tuesday, are community-organized events for anyone interested in the Cloud Native related projects at Eclipse Foundation.

  • Jakarta EE
  • MicroProfile
  • Eclipse Jemo
  • Eclipse Codewind
  • Eclipse Che

We are also welcoming the opportunity to show how other projects and technologies are relying on cloud native platform, like IoT, AI/machine learning...

Topics for the agenda

  • Quick state of the union address for Jakarta EE and MicroProfile
  • Discussion about roadmaps and potential collaboration of Jakarta EE and MicroProfile
  • Presentations

Morning schedule 9:00 - 12:30

9:00 - 9:25 - Status update for Cloud native projects (Heiko, Jan, Tanja, Shabnam )

9:30- Talk 1 - Emily Jiang - Reactive microservice with Eclipse MicroProfile

10:00- Talk 2- Ivar Grimstad - Experience report and lessons learned working in the community and EF

10:30 Break

11:00 - Talk 3 - Yannis Theocharis JEMO Overview and Demo, video session

11:30 Open Discussion until Lunch, collect question for Town Hall session

Afternoon schedule 14:00-17:30

  • Doing a project together with the IoT working group

The idea is to do a joint project with the IoT working group to showcase the interaction and interoperability of different projects at Eclipse. ECE-2019-cloud-native-comunity-day.png

The above illustration shows the idea: IoT devices talk (over the air) to a gateway, which forwards data to a JakartaEE-/MicroProfile application, that stores the data and allows to visualize the results e.g. in a browser. The concrete IoT-application would be so called PAX-Counters,code for ESP32, devices that count the number of mac-addresses (of computers and mobile phones) around them. The PAX-Counters never store the mac-addresses or forward them to the gateway. They only keep them in memory during a measurement period. Distributing multiple PAX-counters over the Forum in Ludwigsburg could nicely show where people are. We could also hook Bosch BME680 sensors to the PAX-counters to get a measurements of air quality and could check if the number of mac-addresses corresponds with air quality (or in other words: if air quality goes down in the Forum if there are more people in a certain space)

Suggestions / Comments

PLEASE add suggestions

Organizer Name

  • Heiko Rupp, Red Hat
  • Jan Westerkamp, iJUG

Eclipse Foundation support team

  • Tanja Obradovic
  • Susan Iwai
  • Shabnam Mayel


  1. Heiko Rupp
  2. Jan Westerkamp
  3. Tanja Obradovic
  4. Emily Jiang
  5. Martin Stefanko
  6. Edwin Derks (Tue)
  7. Chris Stura
  8. Ivo Woltring (Tue)
  9. Kevin Sutter
  10. Claudio Mezzasalma
  11. Tobias Frech (part time)
  12. Alberto Codutti
  13. Ivar Grimstad

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