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Catalog WG

For the moment, this working group is mixed with the Maturity assessment. Specific information are nevertheless available on this page.


Set up an infrastructure providing information about components and packages of interest to PolarSys. Examples of components/packages: Eclipse features, PolarSys IDE, etc.

This infrastructure does not provide informations about projects and is therefore not comparable to the Project Management Infrastructure of Eclipse. It is fundamentally a database and a web interface. It will also host and publish the results of maturity assessments.


  • Gaël Blondelle (Eclipse)
  • Pierre Gaufillet (Airbus)
  • Other volunteers are welcome ;-)


20/08/2013 - Initialization

15/09/2013 - Publish draft specifications, start reviews by members of PolarSys

30/09/2013 - Publish final specifications, start implementation

25/10/2013 - Publish a first release of the catalog

Links and means

  • Specification (use case, data model, scenarii) based on Papyrus (Kepler) and a UI sketch tool TBD.
  • Models can be accessed here: TBD

Actions & Notes

  • Create an exhaustive list of projects/components to be put in the Polarsys catalog
  • Define the different types of granularity of projects in the catalog
  • Build the catalog tool and automate the maximum of cataloging.

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