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Capella IC



  • Joint development financing to share cost on new features / operations and share risk:
  • Product Management with Requirements co-creation along a transparent process
  • Knownledge Sharing (case studies, training, technology watch)
  • Promotion from several companies to count on a large scale
  • Development of the community (end users, academia, research)

2017 Plan

  1. Writing the charter of Capella IC
  2. Commitment on the charter
  3. Creation of the Capella IC
  4. Set up and work with the Capella IC
    • Capella IC marketing material
    • MBSE Conference (Incose, CSDM, AFIS)
    • Capella dedicated events (Toulouse, Germany)
    • Travel to recruit of new Capella IC members
    • Initialize feature co-funding
  5. Post-mortem

  • Success factors
    • Joint development financing
      • 1 improvement (about new or existing feature) with co-funding between at least two members
      • 2 new features not-funded by Thales
      • Remaining budget from fees is spent on feature development
    • Product Management
      • Process & Infra to capture requirements are running
      • 1 new feature has been specified with requirements from at least 2 differents members
    • Knownledge Sharing
      • 1 technology watch meeting is running with good feedback
      • 1 public case study
      • 1 training or workshop
      • A private roadmap is shared between members
    • Promotion
      • 2 talks about Capella (not Thales, not Obeo)
    • Development of the community
      • 3 large end users members
      • 3 suppliers
      • 1 academia


Steering Committee


chairman (before official creation): Benoit Langlois, Thales

  • Thales: Benoit Langlois
  • Participant member representative: Stéphane Lacrampe (Obeo)


  • 2017 09 06: Creation of Capella IC (pdf to upload)

Product Management Committee


  • Thales:
  • Obeo: Samuel Rochet
  • Tecnalia:
  • PRFC:
  • Artal:

Marketing Committee


  • Thales:
  • Obeo: Frederic Madiot
  • Tecnalia:
  • PRFC:
  • Artal:

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