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Callisto Plan Summary

Note: This page discusses topics related to the 2006 Callisto Simultaneous Release. Most of the Callisto pages are deprecated. You are urged to find current information on pages related to the 2007 effort, currently named the Europa Simultaneous Release.

This is summary table of the Callisto Plan

The primary purpose of this summary is to provide one place to see the correlations of the Callisto release candiate names and dates and the participating projects release candidate names and dates. The participating projects may update this page to reflect current status and plans.

RC1a (25-Apr)

  • 14-Apr - Platform (RC1a)
  • 19-Apr - CDT, DTP(RC1), EMF (RC1) , GEF (RC0), VE (M3)
  • 21-Apr - BIRT (RC0), GMF (RC0), TPTP (i2), WTP (RC1a)
  • 25-Apr - admin, mirror propagation

RC2 (9-May)

  • 28-Apr - Platform (RC2)
  • 3-May - CDT (RC0), DTP(RC2), EMF (RC2) , GEF (RC2), VE (M3)
  • 5-May - BIRT(RC2), GMF (RC2), TPTP (i2), WTP (RC2)
  • 9-May - admin, mirror propagation

RC3 (23-May)

  • 12-May - Platform (RC4)
  • 17-May - CDT (RC0), DTP(RC3), EMF (RC4), GEF (RC3), VE (RC1)
  • 19-May - BIRT(RC3), GMF (RC3), TPTP (i2), WTP (RC3)
  • 23-May - admin, mirror propagation

RC4 (2 -Jun)

  • 26-May - Platform (RCx, none planned)
  • 29-May - CDT (RC1), DTP(RC4), EMF (RCx, none planned), GEF (RC4), VE (RCx, none planned)
  • 31-May - BIRT(RC4), GMF (RC4), TPTP (i3), WTP (RC4)
  • 2 -June - admin, mirror propagation

RC5 (22-Jun)

  • 16-Jun - Platform (RCx, none planned)
  • 19-Jun - CDT (RC1) , DTP(RC4 planned, RC5 if needed), EMF (RCx, none planned), GEF (RC5), VE (RCx, none planned)
  • 20-Jun - BIRT(RC5), GMF (RC5), TPTP (RC5), WTP (RC5)
  • 22-Jun - admin, mirror propagation

RC6 (30-Jun)

  • 28-Jun - Platform (RCx, none planned)
  • 28-Jun - CDT (RC2, if needed) , DTP(RCx, none planned), EMF (RCx, none planned), GEF (RC5), VE (RCx, none planned)
  • 28-Jun - BIRT (RC6), GMF (RC6), TPTP (RC6), WTP (RC6)
  • 30-Jun - admin, mirror propagation

Callisto Release 6/30

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