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COSMOS SDD Tooling Use case actors


SDD Tooling has its own unique set of Actors.


The actors in Eclipse COSMOS SDD Tooling use cases are described as follows:


The User is anyone who interacts with the user interface(s) to Eclipse COSMOS SDD Tooling.

Plug-in Developer

The Plug-in Developer is a User who develops Build Time Generator Plug-ins that extract information from data sources to populate an SDD fragment.

Merge Rule Developer

The Merge Rule Developer is a User who defines rules that will will be used by the Build Time Generator when merging multiple SDDs.

Validation Rule Developer

The Validation Rule Developer is a User who defines rules for the Validator to further constrain the values and format of the SDD.


The Builder uses the Build Time Generator to create an SDD from varied data sources.

Package Creator

The Package Creator uses the Package Generator to bundle SDDs and artifacts into a redistributable package that would make it consumable

SDD Creator

The SDD Creator uses the Eclipse COSMOS SDD Tooling to create an SDD.

SDD Consumer

The SDD Consumer will use an SDD

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