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This is the main page for the SDD tooling under COSMOS. It will be the main location that should link to the rest of the SDD tooling related pages on the wiki.

SDD Tooling

Meeting Title: COSMOS SDD Tooling Weekly Meeting

This meeting is not currently active.


Email [Eric Rose]

Agenda/Minutes (7/30/08)

  1. Aggregator Sizing
    • We should add in administrative overhead
    • SAS will be focusing on the aggregator

Agenda/Minutes (7/23/08)

  1. No Updates

Agenda/Minutes (7/9/08)

  1. Drools Vs. Java
    • Should we move to Java instead of Rules
    • Java seems as though it will be quicker.
  2. Sizings
    • We need accurate sizings for the line items if we move to java.
  3. Readers
    • Given our time constraints, should we move to completing more readers rather than trying to finish the aggregator
    • Which is more beneficial at this point
  4. Startup Script
    • Chris S. continuing to work on startup script

Agenda/Minutes (6/25/08)

  1. Tuscany Removal
    • Tuscany has been removed from SPI!
    • Tuscany removal from BTG is sized for 10 days, to begin this week by Eric and Yan
  2. JUnit Tests
    • Problem realized with testing individual rules, need to test rules as a whole
    • JUnit Tests will need to be rewritten once Tuscany is removed from the BTG
    • Will hold off on the test cases, but Josh and Robert will begin work on test SDDs
  3. Startup Script
    • Chris Sherman is currently working on it
    • Resolved issue with blank manifest files in jars

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