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COSMOS SDD Minutes 29JAN08


  • Date: 29JAN08
  • Time: 9AM EST
  • Attendees: Julia McCarty, Tonia Makins, Chris Middlebrandt, Julie Holloway, Charlie Halloran, Paul Stratton, Mark McCraw, Robert DeMason, Merri Jensen, Josh Hester, Jeff Hamm, Jason Losh


1) Review minutes/action items from last week 2) Continue use case review 3) Follow-up on action items

  • Steps to commit SAS/IBM developed tooling code
  • Putting OASIS SDD TC use cases on the COSMOS wiki
  • Criteria for reference implementation
  • Tooling use case updates from last week


1) Tooling use cases have been updated

  • Jason to check with Mark W. about moving them to the main Use Case page and work out how to start entering Enhancement Requests

2) Deployment Use Cases

  • Julia brought up that we should have a Use Case 0 - The install initiation process bootstraps the SDD runtime, and initiates the Repository if needed. This would separate the bootstrap and allow us to create a separate Enhancement Request for it.
  • For Use Case 1.1, expand on "what invoke the runtime means"
  • UC 1.1 - This could follow from UC 8.6 from tooling, but it could be followed by a create media step which isn't covered in a use case because most companies have their own process already.
  • Julia and Charlie are going to see if they can share the results of their use case creation that was just like we are doing only from an end users perspective. What we have done is like high level design and could be used to create interaction diagrams.
  • Make a note about logging and progress indication
  • Request that we put in the enhancement requests where the SDD comes into play and to what extent for clarity
  • Re-number some of the use cases -- Jason
  • UC 6 - strike "end user", this UC is similar to architecture call enhancement request that was about UI registering end point data - Paul Stratton sent more detail to dev list.
  • Should note somewhere that calling the API and creating the repo are both optional, they are not required.
  • Julia wanted to make sure that we don’t fall into the trap of having a requirement that to do an update you have to use the SDD if the SDD was used to install, this makes adoption of the standard much more difficult.
    • The runtime needs to be able to do discovery with or without a repo
    • The idea here is that the default profile will model discovery of common resources. For resources that are not common, like a vendors' application, provide a way for that vendor to extend the profile and provide "plugin" code the runtime can use for discovering vendor specific applications (resources)

3) OASIS Update

  • Can freely share use cases and any other IP from OASIS, as long as copyright notices are maintained.
  • To reference OASIS work in source code have to submit ipzilla request

4) Other

  • Error conditions need to be added to use cases, Example: Rollback
  • Use cases for deployment planning: weren't part of the initial scope presented to review board, but could do simple install
  • Dates - will have some tools and maybe some basic runtime/repo work in place for the June release of COSMOS. Full support target is the November release.


  • Focus on end user use cases if we get info from Julia & Charlie

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