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COSMOS SDD Minutes 26FEB08


  • Date: 26FEB08
  • Time: 9AM EST
  • Attendees: Julia McCarthy, Chris Middlebrandt, Julie Holloway, Charlie Halloran, Mark McCraw, Robert DeMason, Merri Jensen, Josh Hester, Jason Losh, Michael Scharf


  1. Review minutes from last week
  2. Update on tooling use case entry
    • Enhancement requests entered
  3. P2 Deep Dive Meeting Summary
    • Jason, Mark, Charlie to summarize P2 runtime meeting
  4. Identify SDD deliverables for COSMOS 1.0
    • Tools
    • Runtime
    • Repository
  5. Tentative: continue use case review
    • Focus on deployment end user use cases
  6. Follow-up on action items
    • Charlie/Chris, continue working w/ IBM legal on committing BTG code
    • Josh, Mark M., Chris to start entering formal tooling use cases
    • Charlie, Mark M., Jason, to discuss P2 and setup deep dive meeting on P2
    • Charlie, Mark W., Jason, to discuss code commit process


  1. Josh to create links in the use case document to the Enhancement Requests, otherwise the tooling Enhancement Requests have all been entered.
  2. P2 work is pretty much on hold right now. The public facing code will not work properly. Requests for assistance have been made on the development mailing list and to Pascal directly, but since they are working hard towards EclipseCon its not likely that we'll get much support right now.
  3. Change Analyzer code almost ready for submission. Charlie said that he had been informed that it was already covered under some existing agreement (COSMOS/OASIS? - I didn't catch which) but that he wanted to see that in writing before moving forward.
  4. End User Use Case Document has not been approved, but Charlie has done some analysis and thinks he can add to our existing deployment use cases without contributing any of the IBM IP. Julia also thinks that some of the data interchange between the Runtime and whatever UI might be provided needs to be included in the use cases. We won't be providing an open source UI, but we do need to make sure that data passed between the UI and the runtime is handled properly.
    • Charlie and Julia to present next week.
  5. Jason, Robert D., and Julie will all be absent next week. Jeff to lead call next week from SAS side, and Charlie from IBM side.

Action Items

  1. Charlie/Chris/Julie, continue working w/ IBM legal on committing BTG code, Charlie to send status.
  2. Josh to link Enhancement Requests to Use Cases.
  3. Mark M., Jeff, & Jason to create wiki page for P2 findings.
  4. Create Decision Matrix wiki page for implementation technology and for CL1 vs CL2 non-functional requirements. (Owner?)
  5. Look into additional projects that Michael mentioned, links are provided in the Minutes section from 19FEB08.
  6. Julia to send Charlie Change Analyzer design doc, Charlie to engage IBM legal about contributing code.
  7. Charlie to prepare analysis of our deployment use cases and fill in the holes that are provided in IBM's end user use cases.
  8. Mark W. to answer outstanding questions on generated code for BTG and proposed repo structure and package naming conventions.
  9. Mark W. to move forward with vote for Julie as code committer with COSMOS. Jason has already been approved.

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