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COSMOS SDD Minutes 22JAN08


  • Date: 22JAN08
  • Time: 9AM EST
  • Attendees: Julia McCarty, Josh Hester, Mark Weitzel, Tania Makins, Robert Demason, Jason Losh, Jeff Hamm, Merri Jensen, Jimmy Mohsin


1) Review of use cases

2) i9 schedule

  • Can we get initial SDD deliverables done in i9?


The group had a lengthy discussion on tooling use cases. Several questions were identified that the SDD tooling implementors need to consider.

1) How do we integrate with existing commercial build environments? Answer: the tooling is being developed following a plugin pattern. Consumers wishing to incorporate the tools into their build environment may use an existing plugin if one is available for their build environment, Maven for example, otherwise a new plugin will need to be developed. Plugins that are not proprietary in nature are encouraged to be shared with the open source community.

2) There needs to be a way to distinguish between CL1 and CL2 when creating SDDs. The first iteration of our tools are limited to CL1 capabilities only.

3) Merri Jensen is working on an expository document that notes the differences between CL1 and CL2. It will be shared with this community when it is made available.

4) What are the legal agreements for sharing code between OASIS and Eclipse -- do we need to get grant clauses in the XML? Answer: OASIS is fairly loose in this regard. All that is needed is a reference in the XML. The OASIS SDD TC is updating their examples with this reference

5) In use case 5, what are the add additional bullets attempting to capture? Add additional rules?

6) Some of these use cases are written from a tool perspective. The group agreed that use cases were needed for tool consumers as well. How does a user interact with the tools?

7) How are use cases 5 and 8 harmonized? What implications does use case 5 have on use case 8?

8) We need to figured out how to use existing SML tools with SDD

9) In use case 6, SML package definition might be useable for a package format

10) How do we integrate SDD use cases with existing Eclipse use cases? For example, create an ear/war and then create an SDD for them. Do we put a deployment engine in Eclipse? Possible synergy here with P2. How do we deploy web tools, data, etc.? Mark W. to check with data tool gurus on deployment needs.

11) In use case 8 wee need to highlight the ability to package and deploy from within Eclipse.

12) Clarify that we are NOT creating MSI, RPM, etc. We are creating SDDs that describes those artifacts ...

Action Items

1) Send link to OASIS example SDDs -- Jason
2) Update tooling use cases based on feedback -- Josh, Mark M., Chris M.
3) Review deployment use cases in prep for next meeting -- All

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