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COSMOS SDD Minutes 15JAN08


  • Date: 15JAN08
  • Time: 9AM EST
  • Attendees: Mark McCraw, Josh Hester, Mark Weitzel, Tania Makins, Chris Middlebrandt, Julia McCarthy, Robert Demason, Jason Losh


1) Update/review of high level use cases

2) i9 schedule

  • Can we get initial SDD deliverables done in i9?

3) Update on mentors


The group discussed the use case work that was done on 14JAN08. The team agreed that more detail needs to be fleshed out below the high level use cases. The team divided up the work to flesh out these use cases. See the action items for a detailed list of owners. The goal for completion of detailed use cases is 1/25/08.

Tania gave us an update on mentor plans. Mark W. will be my mentor and I will serve as the mentor to SAS staff on the project. David W. will be Chris M.'s mentor and Chris M. will server as the mentor to IBM staff working on the tooling projects.

There was consensus that the group should use the cosmosdev mailing list when questions arise in formulating use cases.

Action Items

  • Create detailed use cases for the high-level tooling use cases -- Mark M., Josh H., Chris M.
  • Create detailed use cases for the high-level deployment use cases -- Merri J., Robert D., Jason L.
  • Get details on what it means to claim a reference implementation of SDD 1.0 -- Jason L.
  • Get final answer on posting SDD TC use cases to the COSMOS wiki -- Jason L.

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