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COSMOS SDD Minutes 05FEB08


  • Date: 05FEB08
  • Time: 9AM EST
  • Attendees: Julia McCarthy, Chris Middlebrandt, Julie Holloway, Charlie Halloran, Michael Scharf, Mark McCraw, Robert DeMason, Merri Jensen, Josh Hester, Jeff Hamm, Jason Losh


1) Review minutes/action items from last week
2) Use case update
3) Follow-up on action items

  • Steps to commit SAS/IBM developed tooling code -- in progress, Charlie working w/ Chris M. and IBM legal on this.
  • Putting OASIS SDD TC use cases on the COSMOS wiki -- done, approved, Jason to copy over the use case document.
  • Criteria for reference implementation -- done, need to claim strict adherence to the standard and formally cite the work as a reference implementation.


1) Charlie has gotten the okay from the IBM developer responsible for the deployment use cases to post to COSMOS Wiki, so now just need to get IBM legal okay.

2) We're going to hold off on finalizing the Deployment Use Cases pending review of the IBM use cases.

3) Next steps

  • Mark W. not on call, but through IM with Charlie indicates that we can start entering the tooling UCs on the main COSMOS UC page, and start getting details fleshed out in order to enter Enhancement Requests.
    • Mark M., Chris, and Josh to start entering use cases in formal COSMOS area
  • Need to set up a separate call to look into where the Equinox/P2 project overlaps with our deployment runtime use cases
    • P2 is an installation runtime
    • It's an extensible framework with a plugin architecture
    • Charlie, Mark M. and Jason to start looking into Equinox/P2
  • What to do to start submitting code? Charlie to talk to Mark W. about process for when you submit more than 200 lines of code. Charlie also indicates that things can start moving along with IBM legal to get their code contribution cleared to post for the Build Time Generator (BTG). SAS also has significant code to contribute in this area as well. Meeting to be scheduled to discuss code commit process.
  • We have permission to post OASIS SDD Use Cases to Eclipse COSMOS wiki, but its not urgent - we've covered most of them in our Use Cases already.
  • Once deployment use cases are finalized, which should be soon, we can start using the call for more technical conversations related to the Enhancement Requests.

Action Items

1) Charlie/Chris, continue working w/ IBM legal on committing BTG code
2) Josh, Mark M., Chris to start entering formal tooling use cases
3) Charlie, Mark M., Jason, to discuss P2 and setup deep dive meeting on P2
4) Charlie, Mark W., Jason, to discuss code commit process

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