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COSMOS ME Minutes 30SEP08


  • Date: 30SEP08
  • Time: 11AM EST
  • Attendees: Chris Mildebrandt, Eric Rose, Brad Beck, Jeff Hamm, Mark Mccraw, Josh Hester, Robert DeMason, Merri Jensen, Jason Losh


  1. Administrative
  2. Countdown to i14
    • The team needs to work with Saurahb to get the SDD items we want in the 1.0 download building. Eric/Chris indicated that the SPI and Validator should build fine. Josh and Jason to work together to get the aggregator building properly.
    • Documentation items to accompany the download (informal doc such as developer reference material and/or working examples) to be identified by next Tuesday's meeting and in place for 10/10 (one week prior to the tentative release review).
    • No additional i14 work identified other than minor ERs. Jason to follow up with David W. on those.
  3. Tooling update (Eric/Chris/Yan/Josh/Robert)
    • Josh and Robert continue to make progress on aggregator rules
    • Eric fixed a bug related to consumptionconstraintvaluetype last week
    • TPTP tests for rules submitted in i13 completed
  4. Change analyzer update (Merri/Mark/Brad)
    • Some progress made here, although minimal given folks' schedules last week. Brad has been exploring an alternative to Tuscany for schema binding and class generation using JAXB. Mark and Brad to discuss offline the progress Brad has made in this area. Potentially can use JAXB as a replacement to Tuscany with less impact than a complete Tuscany removal and replacement with DOM. Jason to check on IPCQ related to JAXB libraries.
  5. Runtime update (Jeff)
    • Change resolver design is in progress. Jeff has a high level design that he continues to flesh out. He will document the design in the coming 1-2 weeks to the change resolver approach can be shared and discussed with the rest of the team.

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