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COSMOS ME Minutes 18NOV08


  • Date: 18NOV08
  • Time: 11AM EST
  • Attendees: Chris Mildebrandt, Eric Rose, Yan Zhao, Charlie Halloran, Brad Beck, Michael King, Mark Mccraw, Jeff Hamm, Josh Hester, Merri Jensen, Ed Blackman, Jason Losh


  1. Welcome Michael King (SAS)!
  2. Congrats on a smooth 1.0 release!
  3. Update on JAXB for change analyzer
    • The submission package was tentatively approved by Eclipse legal
    • Copyrights need to be cleaned up in a few of the non-generated files ... for example,
    • I have asked Eclipse legal if we can just clean those up as part of the commit or if another submission package is needed
  4. BTG status
    • 21 rules remain and an aggressive goal of completing them before the end of November
  5. Runtime status
    • Jeff and Mark have been discussing design and integration with P2
    • A separate runtime design meeting will be established via email to the dev list to encourage open community participation
  6. SDD/RTX alignment
    • SDD needs an information model and RTX is an information model in development for COSMOS
    • We should ensure SDD needs/requirements are satisfied by RTX and use it as our information model as opposed to CIM
    • This will be discussed in a larger context on tomorrow's architecture call

Action items

  1. Jeff to send email to the dev list for the runtime design discussions
  2. Jason to send Brad, Chris and Yan information on the SDD profile

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