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COSMOS ME Minutes 08JUL08


  • Date: 08JUL08
  • Time: 11AM EST
  • Attendees: Charlie Halloran, Mark McCraw, Merri Jensen, Jeff Hamm, Robert DeMason, Jason Losh, Eric Rose, Chris Mildebrant, Julia McCarthy, Yan Zhao, Josh Hester


  1. i12 code stream is open for business
    • zip extractor code to be pushed to i12 after package name refactor
    • need to review i12 ERs in the i12 plan and refine as necessary
  2. P2 alignment work is ongoing
    • Jason, Jeff, Mark and Merri to discuss. Jason has identified some potential re-use/leveraging of P2 mainly in the engine and director packages. These could serve as building blocks to the SDD driver.
    • SDD team will use the P2 dev mailing list to communicate with the P2 team and supply patches, etc. If we later decide we should have committer(s) on the P2 team, we will do that.
  3. Tooling work is progressing
    • ERs targeted for i13
    • Julie will not re-join the tooling team as originally thought. The tooling team is evaluating what function can be deferred as a result.
    • Tuscany needs to be removed from the CA. Jason has identified a potential candidate to do this from SAS
  4. SML/SDD alignment discussion
    • Julia to discuss in 2-3 weeks and ping Jason as to the target date of the meeting so the agenda can be set for that discussion.

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