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COSMOS Log Messages

Messages in COSMOS as of i11

  • CSMS0100E aperiDB.getDisks error: {0}
  • CSMS0101E aperiDB.getHostPorts error: {0}
  • CSMS0102E aperiDB.getStoragePoolStorageVolumes error: {0}
  • CSMS0103E aperiDB.getStoragePools error: {0}
  • CSMS0104E aperiDB.getStorageSystems error: {0}
  • CSMS0105E aperiDB.getStorageVolumes error: {0}
  • CSMS0106E aperiDB.getStorageSystemDisks error: {0}
  • CSMS0107E aperiDB.getStorageSystemHostPorts error: {0}
  • CSMS0108E aperiDB.getStorageSystemStoragePools error: {0}
  • CSMS0109E aperiDB.getStorageSystemStorageVolumes error: {0}
  • CSMS0110E GraphQuery transformation error
  • CSMS0111E Error in transforming query input to stream
  • CSMS0112E Error in transforming query input to string
  • CSMS0113E Error in transforming query output to XML
  • CSMS0114I Created database directory: {0}.
  • CSMS0115E Failed to load broker database.
  • CSMS0116E Failed to save broker database.
  • CSMS0117E Failed to create broker database at {0}.
  • CSMS0118E Error occurred while executing operation. Incoming SOAP message is: \n{0}
  • CSMS0119E Error occurred when setting details in the SOAP fault.
  • CSMS0120E Unable to get an instance of XMLStreamReader.
  • CSMS0121E Could not get log file list.
  • CSMS0122E Couldn't open log file
  • CSMS0123E Couldn't parse logfile
  • CSMS0124E Couldn't get sources {0}
  • CSMS0125E failed to connect to {0}
  • CSMS0126E Couldn't get ID
  • CSMS0127E Retrieval error: {0}
  • CSMS0128E Couldn't close Statement or ResultSet
  • CSMS0129E Select error: {0}
  • CSMS0130I connected to {0}

Structure of a log record

Each log entry has five parts.

  1. Timestamp: Time at which the log entry was written to the log.
  2. Thread: Name of the thread that generated the logging event.
  3. Level: Priority of the logging event. (ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG)
  4. Logger: Name of the logger that generated the logging event (usually the fully qualified name of the class that generated the log entry).
  5. Log message: text associated with the log entry.


2008-06-04 15:49:17,640 [main] DEBUG - broker database location: D:\Program Files\apache-tomcat-5.5.25\webapps\axis2\WEB-INF\database

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