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COSMOS Design 220955

Deregister data managers from broker

Change History

Name: Date: Revised Sections:
Hubert Leung 03/04/2008
  • Initial version

Workload Estimation

Rough workload estimate in person weeks
Process Sizing Names of people doing the work
Design 0.2 Hubert Leung
Code 0.6 Hubert Leung
Test 0.4 Hubert Leung
Documentation 0.1 Hubert Leung
Build and infrastructure 0
Code review, etc.*

'* - includes other committer work (e.g. check-in, contribution tracking)


Add support for remove data managers from broker, and removing brokers from management domain.


The WS-Service group does not provide an API for removing service entries. A COSMOS API will be required to do the deregistration of services at the broker and management domain. A customized service group implementation will also be required to detect and remove unreachable services.

The implementation of this feature will also depend on enhancement 220952 which change the broker implementation to support stateless web services.

Open Issues/Questions

All reviewer feedback should go in the Talk page for 220955.

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