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COSMOS Data Reporting 7-May-2008

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Minutes for Data Reporting sub-project call.


  • Date: 7-May-2008
  • Time: 9:00am EST


  • Bill
  • Jack
  • Paul
  • Sheldon
  • Leonard
  • Martin
  • John


i10 Status

  • i10 bug verification [Owners will verify bugs with i10 candidate builds]
  • Need to update new features in document
    • Graph Response Viewer pop-up dialog feature [Martin will complete this week. Sheldon will talk with Richard how to get him the update]

i11 Planning

API Cleanup




org.eclipse.cosmos.dr.tests.drs.service.handler - test handlers

org.eclipse.cosmos.dr.tests.views - test configuration files

org.eclipse.cosmos.dr.tests.web.ui - test web application

org.eclipse.cosmos.examples.e2e.dr.drs.service.handler - contains outputters that are CBE , Stat specific, Node decorator

org.eclipse.cosmos.examples.e2e.dr.template - contains BIRT report templates that are CBE and Stat specific

org.eclipse.cosmos.examples.e2e.dr.views - contains widget configuration files to configure widgets for end2end and core widgets--- need to create core plugin to contain core configurations (org.eclipse.cosmos.dr.views)

org.eclipse.cosmos.examples.e2e.web.ui - end to end web application

Action Items

  • Bring up locale issue in architecture call. Should locale be set from the browser and sent to the MDR?
  • Need to look at internationalization classes and cleanup any violating code
  • Sheldon will add a mapping file to map MDR names with an id. The test suites should reference the ids so that the manual tests don't change from iteration to iteration. Clean up manual tests to refer to mapping file

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