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COSMOS Data Reporting 3-Jan-2008

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Minutes for Data Reporting sub-project call.


  • Date: 3-Jan-2008
  • Time: 10am EST


  • Sheldon Lee-Loy
  • Leonard Richardson
  • William Muldoon
  • Mark Weitzel



  • Leonard is taking over ER 208595 from Bill
  • Leonard is waiting for the datamanagers from John (ER 200275)
  • DataManagers should be packaged as separate war files. A new enhancement should be created to package the data managers assigned to build team
  • An enhancement should be created to optimize inner process calls when data managers are deployed in the same jvm. This is a DC enhancement

Action Items

  • Design documents should be created for the ERs
  • 214145 Generic CMDBf Graph Response View - should create a details view

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