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COSMOS Data Reporting 18-Jan-2007

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Minutes of Data Reporting sub-project call.


  • Date: 18-Jan-2007
  • Time: 2pm EST


  • Marius
  • Mark Weitzel
  • Appologies to other attendees -- my notetaking failed to catch your names
  • Sheldon missed the session due to illness. Hope he is feeling better.


  • Discussion and conclusions:
    • We'll use BIRT reports for all of the web based user interface for the Eclipse Con 2007 demo.
    • We identified 3 key data access APIs, though more APIs may emerge:
    • getTopologies(), which returns a collection of POJOs for the topologies.
    • getNodes(topology_id) and getNodes(node_id) which return a collection of top-level children of a topology and a node, respectively.
    • getProperties(topology_id) and getProperties(node_id), which return a collection of properties for a topology and a node, respectively.
    • We worked on the specifics of the demo script steps, trying to call out a simple but effective set of BIRT-able reports for each kind of information.
    • Identified the need for report mockups that capture the essential data.
  • Coordination:
    • Marius will work on data access APIs.
    • Valentina and Ali (and others) will work on SML-IF example document for demo.
    • Craig is in Germany from 20-Jan to 26-Jan. He has evening travel and business meetings that conflict with most of the COSMOS call times.

Action Items

Date Open Date Due Date Closed Who What
18-Jan-2007 18-Jan-2007 18-Jan-2007 Craig Make edits to demo script to capture ideas from today's session. Make some report mockups.
18-Jan-2007 18-Jan-2007 18-Jan-2007 Craig Make an initial run at a sub project plan, with weekly milestones and dependencies.
18-Jan-2007 22-Jan-2007   Sheldon Review initial sub project plan, make any necessary revisions. Note milestones for this week.
02-Jan-2007 18-Jan-2007 18-Jan-2007 Sheldon, Craig Review COSMOSInitalPrototype. Itemize deliverables for Data Reporting sub-project.

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