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COSMOS Data Reporting 04-Jan-2007

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Minutes of Data Reporting sub-project call.


  • Date: 04-Jan-2007
  • Time: 2pm EST


  • Sheldon Lee-Loy
  • Don Ebright
  • Craig Thomas


  • Coordination:
  • Discussed upcoming F2F with TPTP in Toronto. Neither Sheldon nor Craig will be able to participate. Sheldon has a vacation planned; he returns to work on 16-Jan. Craig has a week of planning meetings with GroundWork.
  • Observed that the Data Reporting team will likely have a lot of action items identified during the F2F with TPTP. We will review postings to the newsgroups, updates on the wiki, and otherwise get current with decisions so that we can move quickly toward the 0.5 release.
  • Craig has a trip to Germany planned for the week of 21-Jan; returns to San Francisco 29-Jan.
  • New action items:
  • Sheldon and Craig to re-review the COSMOSInitalPrototype, with an eye to itemizing visualizations and reports.

Action Items

Date Open Date Due Date Closed Who What
02-Jan-2007 18-Jan-2007   Sheldon, Craig Review COSMOSInitalPrototype. Itemize deliverables for Data Reporting sub-project.

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