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COSMOS Data Reporting 01-Feb-2007

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Minutes for Data Reporting sub-project call.


  • Date: 01-Feb-2007
  • Time: 2pm EST


  • Sheldon Lee-Loy
  • Marius Slavescu
  • Craig Thomas



  • Reviewed milestones for 0.5.
    • Things are tracking well. Marius' APIs are nearly all ready for the topology and nodes reports; Sheldon is implementing with these APIs, an should conclude on 2/2 as planned.
    • Marius plans to complete APIs needed to support the "top 10" report, providing CBE data; Sheldon will follow with implementing those APIs in the report by 2/9.
    • Marius will follow with APIs for statistical data; again, Sheldon will follow with statistical report; this should be completed by 2/16.
  • Need help from the rest of the COSMOS team on:
    • Data set for EclipseCon 2007 demo: precisely what statistical (CPU? Memory? others?) and log elements; precisely what Tomcat application (COSMOS? A Tomcat example program? On Windows, right?)
    • Dig into RCP or Web Browser or both as UI delivery platform for 1.0. Need to discuss the "open source meets business" dimension, and consider scope.

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