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Notice: this Wiki will be going read only early in 2024 and edits will no longer be possible. Please see: for the plan.

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COSMOS 2.0 Plans

Post-1.0 plans

On this page we will list the themes and significant workitems that we would like to consider for our post-1.0 efforts in COSMOS. Please add to this list as you see fit, and this will help drive our discussion as we shape our future work.

Dates, releases, and legal stuff

  • What significant dates are coming? e.g. for standards is there anything coming down the pipe that we need to prepare for? For companies is there any conference or any other milestone that needs to be met?
  • Do we want to go straight to a 2.0 or should we have some fixpacks first? What is needed in the next release should drive the release number.
  • Anything that needs IPZilla clearance should be opened now. Even if the new version of the spec isn't out yet try to open the IPZilla to get it into the queue. (Not sure how Eclipse Legal will react to that, but it's worth a try.)

Work items

  • SML tooling
    • stabilization and improvement
    • XML editor (178837 and others)
    • Tigerstripe integration (242759)
  • Enhancing the COSMOS core components (242820)
    • The potential return of the Management Domain
    • Notification / event Broker
    • Support for multiple Brokers
  • Developing a reference implementation for an information model (242818)
    • Identify a source for an information model (perhaps the CML Workgroup?)
    • Post COSMOS 1.0, we need to provide a reference implementation for this information model
  • CMDBf framework improvements
  • COSMOS UI improvements
    • Simplified query builder for end users (Sheldon, pls create ER for this)
    • Tooling for extending DV components?
  • MDR toolkit improvements
    • Export to AAR (232161)
    • other?

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